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SL Whistle Blowing System promises as follows.

The company puts the protection of the whistle-blower’s privacy and personality as the top priority and does the best to keep the whistle-blower’s personal information confidential and prevents any personnel disadvantages, and prohibits retaliation against whistle-blowers who report in good faith.
In addition, the character and honor of the person subject to report on an undisclosed matter must be respected, so clear evidence is needed to establish the facts.

Therefore, please write your report in accordance with principles of 5W1H if possible.

Type of report

You can submit the following information to SL Whistle Blowing System.

Suggestions on improving systems and operations of the company

Inquiry or request for explanation or interpretation regarding regulations, procedures, etc.

Complaints about unfair behavior

  • An act to receive or give entertainment
  • An act to receive or give valuables (money, gifts)
  • Anti-competitive practice, Unfair trade
  • Discrimination (unfairness)
  • Child labor, Forced labor
  • Leakage of company assets and information
  • Unethical behavior

Other requests

How to use SL Whistle Blowing System

Reports submitted to SL Whistle Blowing System cannot be modified or canceled.

1Write report
Write report
  • In the case of anonymous report, the company do not receive any personal information such as name, contact information, or email address.
  • The consultation system guarantees anonymity and whistle-blowers can use it easily using a PC or mobile phone.
  • The whistle-blower must remember the receipt number assigned after posting the report.
  • The report is submitted to the Audit Dept.
  • You can check whether the report has been submitted using the receipt number and password.
  • The Audit Dept. independently investigates the report.
  • For investigation purposes, the Audit Dept. may ask additional questions to the whistle-blower(Anonymous communication)
  • When the reporting process has been completed, the company will notify you of the results in the form of an answer to the reporter's post.
  • The whistle-blower can check the processing results using the receipt number and password given when they posted the report.
The company strictly protects the identity of the whistle-blower, and IP tracking of submitted posts is absolutely impossible, so please post your report with confidence.
Only the manager in charge and the whistle-blower can view the submitted article.